Nicorette 2mg Gum Original 105’s



Nicorette Gum helps fight off and supress the cravings caused by nicotine withdrawal, putting you in control of your nicotine intake.

A freshmint flavoured chewing gum for those who smoke less than 20 cigarettes per day. Nicorette original gum can be used as part of the quitting process or by smokers who want to reduce the amount of cigarettes they smoke. Ideal for controlling your intake of nicotine when cravings attack.


Each piece should be chewed slowly for 30 minutes until a strong taste appears in the mouth. It should then be rested between the cheek and gum until the taste has gone and the urgency to smoke happens again. No more than 15 pieces should be chewed daily. If more than 15 pieces a day are needed, then the higher strength (4mg) gum should be used. Gum use should be gradually reduced over three months.


Not to be used by under 18’s unless recommended by your doctor. Use with care if high blood pressure, heart disease, angina, skin sensitivity or disease, diabetes, overactive thyroid and stomach ulcers. Use in pregnancy and breast feeding only under a doctor’s advice. Gum contains 2mg Nicotine per piece.


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