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We Deliver! promises to deliver within 48 hours to most of the country and within 24 hours to Nairobi and its Environs.

When you place your order, at the check-out you will be prompted to select where you want your items delivered to . When prescription items are to be delivered, then the prescription should be posted to the pharmacy. If urgent, then the prescription should be faxed or scanned and e-mailed and the original sent by post. In the latter case, we will contact the prescriber to authenticate the prescription.

Once you choose delivery, you will be presented with a drop-down list of delivery locations all around the country, from Athi River to Wundanyi. The cost of delivery naturally varies with the distance from our hub in Nairobi. The mean delivery charge is anticipated to be about Ksh 400 . For all deliveries we will require the recipient to provide us a working contact telephone number. Orders placed Saturday after 12:00pm will be delivered on Monday.

In Nairobi and it’s environs, using our company driver, we will deliver to residential addresses as well as to offices or institutions. Outside Nairobi, we are using Nation Courier Service, because they have the most elaborate and efficient delivery service. We have set up a network of pick-up points geographically distributed to serve most of the country. Once your parcel is ready for pick-up we will contact you via an SMS text or a phone call . It is therefore very essential that you provide us with a contact telephone number when you register with us.

We are sure you will find this new service refreshing and exciting….you don’t have to waste your valuable time travelling long distances to buy your essential medicines.

Pharmacy Direct Kenya
PharmacyDirect Kenya is the premier internet pharmacy for Kenya. It is revolutionising the way Kenyans access their medicines by providing high quality generic and branded products at affordable prices. Because in Kenya people travel vast distances to shop for medicines, we are providing an option for delivery to a point local to the patient.