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The name of this medicine is Movicol Pediatric Plain 6.9g sachet, powder for oral solution. It is a laxative for the treatment of chronic constipation in children aged 1 to 11 years and for the treatment of very bad constipation (called faecal impaction) in children aged 5 to 11 years. Movicol Pediatric Plain helps your child to have a comfortable bowel movement even if they have been constipated for a long time.

Do not give Movicol Pediatric Plain if your doctor has told you that your child has:
– a blockage in their intestine (gut obstruction, ileus)
– a perforated gut wall
– severe inflammatory bowel disease like ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease or toxic
– an allergy to the active substances of Movicol Pediatric Plain (listed in section 6).
If your child has a heart or kidney problem, an impaired gag reflex or reflux esophagitis
(heartburn caused by back-flow of stomach contents into the esophagus), you should talk to your doctor before giving Movicol Pediatric Plain

Warnings and precautions
When taking Movicol Pediatric Plain you should continue to take plenty of fluids. The fluid content of Movicol should not replace your regular liquid intake.

Other medicines and Movicol Pediatric Plain
Tell your doctor if your child is taking or has recently taken or might take any other
Some medicines, e.g. anti-epileptics, may not work as effectively during use with Movicol
Pediatric Plain. When taking large volumes of Movicol Pediatric Plain (e.g. for faecal
impaction), other medicines may be flushed through your digestive system. Your child
should not take other medicines by mouth together with Movicol Pediatric Plain and for one hour before and for one hour after taking Movicol Pediatric Plain.
If you need to thicken fluids in order to swallow them safely, Movicol Pediatric Plain may
counteract the effect of the thickener.


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