Incare Detox Fruit Enzyme Mix 8 In 1Box


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Are you tired of feeling heavy, bloated and sluggish? What if you could just detox and literally flush away your belly bulge and bloating.  We know that a healthy body is a happy body and we have scientifically formulated an enzyme mix that will cleanse your digestive tract and eliminate any excess matter that could be clogging up your system. INCARE will help you get rid of digestive toxins, lose weight, improve regularity and result in smoother skin..

INCARE is a fruit enzyme mix which encourages a faster metabolism, because of the deter effects; one will see weight loss effects after 4 weeks between 1.5 – 1.9 kgs. People are encouraged to take INCARE detox as a lifestyle product to enhance the bodily functions; this will see results in the flushing out of waste and toxins, reducing the puffiness and bloating of the stomach area, enjoying a flatter abdomen and promoting regularity in the digestive tract.

INCARE is a fruit enzyme mix which is produced through mixing fruits and vegetables with a fructose sugar source and letting the mixture undergo a fermentation process. The enzymes made from this process help break down food for energy and to digest protein. Enzymes help your body digest food and unlock its nutritional value, the fruit enzyme mix created by INCARE works to naturally enhance and progress the biochemical reaction resulting in a detox, and through long term use a flat tummy and smoother skin.

INCARE does not substitute the medicinal properties of your medication, it aids as a super juice addition to your lifestyle which will encourage weight loss and a beauty formula. INCARE is not to be used as a substitute for any medication but rather as an addition and incorporation into your lifestyle.

INCARE is safe to use with other supplements, however consult your physician if you are unsure.

The ingredients in INCARE have been proven safe and effective in supporting the body’s natural cleansing processes. Apart from specific ingredient allergies, you should not experience any negative side effects.

Enjoy a flatter tummy
Enjoy smoother skin
Enjoy the INCARE Lifestyle.



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