Eumocream Concentrated Rehydration Cream 30g


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Eumocream has a unique formulation that concentrates the moisturising activity, without being greasy. This makes it ideal for areas of dry, sensitive itchy skin. Eumocream works deep in the skin to replenish moisture and the oils (lipids) that help hold the moisture within the skin. Eumocream concentrated rehydration cream is easily absorbed and long-lasting.

What does Eumocream do?
Dry skin is more than a cosmetic problem. Dry skin lacks the moisture and fats (lipids) that act as the mortar in a defensive wall. This wall protects against substances that can irritate or provoke an allergic reaction – leading to skin flare-up. Eumobase has a dermatological formula which had been created to help restore moisture to dry skin. This formula replaces water lost from the skin to help it stay soothed, supple and protected all day long.


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