NAN 2 400G


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NAN H.A. 2 with Protect Plus is a premium hypoallergenic formula for babies after 6 months, as the liquid part of the diet during and after weaning. It is important that your baby receives the nutrients needed for protection during the critical weaning period. Thanks to Protect Plus Excel, a unique combination of ingredients including: OPTI PROHA, an optimized hypoallergenic protein blend that reduces the allergenic potential of cow’s milk; BL Bifidus, clinically proven probiotics that help fight against harmful bacteria in the digestive system; and DHA and ARA, which contribute to the development of the brain and eye of your baby, NAN H.A. 2 protects your baby while providing all the nutrients essential for physical and mental development.

Product Features:

  • Follow up Formula Based on Cow’s Milk for Infants at Risk of Allergy – From 6 to 12 months
  • Naturally active cultures
  • An adapted quantity of high quality protein
  • Long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are also available in breast milk