Dermovate 0.05% Ointment 100g


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Dermovate Ointment is a steroidal medicine usually applied to the skin for various skin conditions. It is used to reduce various skin conditions such as red bumpy scaly patches (Psoriasis), severe itching associated with heat or sweating, purple-colored patches with itching and swelling (Lichen planus).

It contains clobestol as its main component. Dermovate Ointment should not be used for any other skin condition.

It is meant only for external application and should be applied exactly as recommended by your doctor. It should not be overused or over applied.  Please report to your doctor if you notice the side effects persists or worsen.

How to Use

Apply thinly and gently rub in using only enough to cover the entire affected area once or twice a day until improvement occurs (in the more responsive conditions this may be within a few days), then reduce the frequency of application or change the treatment to a less potent preparation.

Allow adequate time for absorption after each application before applying an emollient. If the condition worsens or does not improve within 2-4 weeks, treatment and diagnosis should be re-evaluated. Treatment should not be continued for more than 4 weeks. If continuous treatment is necessary, a less potent preparation should be used.

The maximum weekly dose should not exceed 50 gms/week.


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