Viscotears (Carbomer) Liq Gel 10g



-Sterile eye drops for dry eyes
-Forms transparent, moistening & lubricating film on the surface of the eye
-Relieves dryness, soreness & redness
-Naturally lubricates & eliminates discomfort
-Ideal for dry eye conditions

Product Details
Sterile solution for dry eyes Viscotears Liquid Gel is a viscous eye gel that forms a transparent, moistening and lubricating film on the surface of the eye.

Viscotears is ideal for those who suffer from dry eye conditions who cannot produce a sufficient amount of their own tears or find that their natural tear film is unstable and causes soreness and irritation.

How To Use Viscotears

Viscotears contains the active ingredient Carbomer.
Carbomer is a synthetic polymer that is used to relieve dryness, soreness and redness of the eye. Viscotears helps to naturally lubricate the surface of the eye and leaves a protective film over the eye, eliminating discomfort and making the eye feel more comfortable.

Adults aged 18 and over and elderly; 1 drop to be administered into the eye 3 to 4 times a day or as directed by your doctor.

Not to be used in children except under medical supervision.
Do not wear contact lenses during application of Viscotears and wait at least 30 minutes after before reinserting lenses.
Vision can be blurred after application of Viscotears, if this happens, do not drive or operate machinery until your sight is normal.

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