Sterimar Breathe Easy 100ml


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Sterimar is suitable not just for adults, but Kids too. It naturally cleans and cleanses the nose from allergens and impurities to help prevent symptoms. With its natural isotonic formulation with no known side effects, makes it suitable for all the family from 3 years and up – it can be used on its own or with other nasal medication to improve their efficacy.

Features and Benefits

  • Helps reduce the risk of nasal conditions occurring.
  • It is free from – drugs, steroids, preservatives, no wonder it’s recommended by GP’s
  • Use Sterimar Breathe Easy Daily 2 to 6 times a day for as long as needed or as long as your doctor recommends. Keeping the head straight, insert the nozzle into the nostril. Spray once or twice into each nostril. Let any excess solution flow out and then blow your nose


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