Sterimar Adult (Blocked Nose) Hypertonic 50ml


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Sterimar Hypertonic Blocked Nose Spray has been specifically designed to clear congestion. Sterimar’s Hypertonic sea water solution helps to drain fluids from the nasel mucosa, safely clearing the nose because of its immediate decongestant action: a natural osmotic effect. Containing mineral salts and marine trace elements reinforced with Copper and Manganese, which is known for their anti-infectious and anti-allergic properties and for their important role in cell metabolism. Sterimar Hypertonic Blocked Nose Spray is recomened for adults, providing natural relief from nasel congestion (common colds, rhinopharyngitis and allergic rhinitis). Cleansing to enhance the action of medicated treatments.For use by adults and children over 3 years. Directions: Insert the nozzle into a nostril Press the nozzle to spray for a few seconds then allow excess solution to drain before blowing nose. Clean the nozzle with soapy water, rinse and dry. Repeat the operation in the other nostril Use 2-6 times a day in each nostril

What causes symptoms in the nose?
Symptoms in the nose are generally caused by an infection such as a cold or the flu, or by an allergy such as hay fever. The symptoms occur when the cause of the infection or allergy comes into contact with the nose. This causes irritation which causes the blood vessels to swell in the nose, making breathing more difficult.

Who is this nasal spray suitable for?
This nasal spray is suitable to be used by adults and children aged 3 and over. Anyone who is currently using any other form of treatment for the symptoms should speak to a doctor or Chemist 4 U pharmacist before using.

Can someone who is pregnant or breastfeeding use this nasal spray?
Because it only contains natural ingredients, this nasal spray is fine to use when pregnant or breastfeeding. If you are unsure about what treatment to use, then consult a medical professional.

How should Sterimar Hypertonic Congestion Relief Nasal Spray be used?
To use this nasal spray, prime the spray by pressing on the nozzle. Once it has been primed, insert the nozzle into a nostril and while keeping the head still and not sniffing, press the spray. After spraying, blow your nose and repeat the process for the other nostril. After using, clean the nozzle with soapy water. Do not use this spray for more than one person. This is to prevent the spread of germs.


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