Scholl Corn Removal Pen 4ML 1`S



The Scholl Corn Removal Pen is an effective way to treat corns and severe or persistent calluses. Visible Results are seen within the first week. The Corn Removal Pen contains a highly concentrated corn & callus removal gel based on TCA-Active™, which means there is no need to scrape or file the corn or callus.

How does a corn removal pen work?
The pen contains TCA-Active gel for the removal of corns without scraping, relieving pain by reducing the corn pressure. The pen has a precision tip for targeted application. Treatment is over 4 days, but if necessary the 4 day treatment can be repeated up to 4 times
Gently exfoliate the top layers of the corn to reduce the painful rubbing, providing relief and allowing the advanced liquid to penetrate into the corn. Reuse every 3 days to help remove the corn.


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