Safe & Sound Adhesive Bandage 4.5m X 2.5cm



Safe and Sound Adhesive bandage is a multifunctional adhesive first aid dressing.
It can be used to create and apply localized pressure to soft tissue injuries such as sprains, strains, muscle injuries, swollen limbs and bruising.
The Adhesive Bandage applies even and stable pressure to the injured area, and the stretchy material allows you to choose the level of compression you need depending on how much support is required.

The Adhesive Bandage sticks to itself, making application easy and hassle-free. The bandage is free from adhesives or glues and only sticks to itself, not the skin or hairs, and leaves no residue once removed. The bandage can easily be removed and reapplied when necessary. As the bandage sticks to itself, there is no need for additional tapes or pins to secure the bandage.


  1. Unroll the required amount of bandage
  2. Begin to unroll the bandage around the injured joint or affected area
  3. To add compression, stretch the bandage as you unroll (take care not to apply too tightly and check for signs of constriction after application e.g. discoloration)
  4. Keep unrolling the bandage until you have sufficiently supported the injury or secured dressings
  5. The self-adhesive bandage will stick to itself by gently pressing on the bandage


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