ORA-Plus 473ml


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Product Description

ORA-Plus is an aqueous-based vehicle consisting of a synergistic blend of suspending agents that have a high degree of colloidal activity. The suspending agents form a structured, gel-like matrix which suspends particles and allow for little settling. ORA-Plus is buffered to a slightly acidic pH to help reduce degradation of medicinal agents through oxidation. An anti-foam agent is incorporated in ORA-Plus to allow for vigorous shaking with minimal foam.

ORA-Plus will retain its suspending properties when diluted up to 50% with water, flavoring agents, syrups or alcohol. Its versatility makes it ideal for: • Pediatric suspensions • Geriatric suspensions • Naso-gastric preparations

ORA-Plus can be used in a combination with any flavoring syrup, but it is specially formulated to complement Perrigo’s ORA-Sweet®. ORA-Plus and ORA-Sweet can be combined in a 50/50 ratio to produce a pleasant tasting elegant suspension.

Suggested use

Shake well before use

A satisfactory suspension can be obtained with virtually all medicated powders and crushed tablets, provided care is taken in the initial stages. The medicated powder must be finely ground. Use a mortar and pestle for best results. Using Ora-Plus, pour slightly less than half of the desired final volume into a suitable measuring container. Using a minimal amount of Ora-Plus from the measured quantity (or, with extremely hydrophobic materials, a surfactant) wet the powder by creating a thick, viscous mass in the mortar and pestle. With mixing, gradually add the remaining Ora-Plus until all is incorporated into the initial suspension. Dilute to final volume with a suitably flavored syrup, as needed. Mix well.


Do not crush tablets or capsules formulated for timed/sustained -release


As with all extemporaneous formulations, no guarantees regarding the suitability or stability of your unique formulation can be made. Without specific information regarding your compound, ‘keep refrigerated’ and ‘shake well’ labeling and conservative expiration dating should be employed.


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