Opsite (Wound Dressing) Spray 100ML


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OPSITE Spray is a moisture vapour permeable spray dressing indicated for use in a variety of minor dry wounds, in particular: minor cuts, abrasions and burns, over dry sutured wounds, sealing of drainage tubes and external orthopedic fixation, such as Steinmann pins, after suture removal, over vaccination sites, over …

How do you remove Opsite spray dressing?
The dressing can be peeled off when completely dry, left to slough off unaided or removed with adhesive plaster remover 
Is Opsite spray sterile?
OPSITE Spray is permeable to moisture vapour and air, allowing the surrounding skin to breathe, so preventing maceration. The skin area can be bathed easily without affecting the dressing or the wound. The film stays intact over skin areas that are flexible or mobile such as knuckles.


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