Kedley (Orthopaedic) Pro-Light Neoprene Wrist Support Universal


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The wrist support with wrap is made from high quality breathable neoprene and is cotton lined to absorb moisture. The breathable air flow system makes Kedley’s advanced wrist support very comfortable to wear.
The one size design with additional support helps you rest recover and protect the wrist area, at the same time the compression element helps blood flow providing extra warmth which speeds up the healing process.

Ideal for everyday activities and sports:
The fully adjustable compression wrist wrap adds moderate support stabilising the wrist ligaments and joints allowing you to carry on with everyday activities in less pain. The support brace prevents and protects against injury, making it an essential aid for wrists put under added pressure, the support can be worn during any activity that is particularly straining on the wrists and hands perfect for tennis, golf, cricket, at the gym or during sports exercise.

Technical details / instructions:
-Fits up to 30cm – Measure around the center of the wrist
-Designed to fit both the left and right wrist.
-Washing instructions: Hand wash in lukewarm soapy water, rinse and air dry.
-Unisex black design.
-1 support per package.


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