Kedley Pro-Light Neoprene Elbow Support Universal- Orthopaedic


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The Kedley one size pro-light neoprene elbow support fits both left and right elbows of people of many body types and ages. The pro-light neoprene support offers a medium level of support for everyday and sports use. Ideal for arthritic elbows as it helps warm stiff aching muscles and joints.
The two hook and loop straps allow for easy adjustment providing a secure fit, stability and support.
Made from neoprene rubber and infused with polyester as well as polyamide for extra strength, flexibility and durability.
Recommended for: Mild elbow sprains and strains, arthritic elbows, inflammation/swelling, elbow tendonitis, overuse.
• Hand Washable
• Fits up to 35cm (Measure around the centre of the elbow)

The range has the following features:
-High quality Neoprene for comfort
-Adjustable size For Stability and one size fits all
-Polyester lined for extra strength and durability


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