Kedley Activated Elasticated Ankle Support Size XL- Orthopaedic


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KEDLEY Elasticated Ankle wrap is ideal for everyday use for both sporting and daily activities. The elasticated support allows for a controlled compression around the ankle. Kedley Ultimate Wraps are manufactured using an extra strength, highly elasticated fabric that is both breathable and flexible. The design provides a comfortable compression and support when applied. Warnings: If skin irritation is evident after use, discontinue use and seek medical advice. Professional medical advice should be taken for serious or reoccurring injuries. If used by children, adult supervision is required.

The Active Elasticated ankle is a Mild level support for everyday and sporting use. The four-way stretch design provides uniform compression around affected areas. The breathable knit ensures that the skin stays dry but warm.

Recommended for:
Mild ankle sprains and strains, inflammation/swelling, soreness, tendonitis, overuse


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