Femodette (Gestodene/ Ethinylestradiol) Tablets 63`s


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Femodette is a combined oral contraceptive pill ( also known as ‘the Pill’) which stops pregnancy by combining two types of female sex hormone, oestrogen and progestogen, to stop pregnancies in three ways.

The Femodette contraceptive pill initially stops the egg being introduced from the ovaries, before thickening the mucus in your cervix reducing the likelihood of sperm reaching the womb. Finally, it inhibits egg growth by preventing the womb lining from thickening, creating an inhospitable environment for egg growth.
Femodette uses the common 21-pill monthly cycle, requiring one pill to be taken a day for 21 days, before a 7-day pill-free period to finish the month. Femodette provides multiple benefits including:

-It is taken in advance, so it doesn’t interrupt sex;
-Helps with period regularity, lightness and helps limit period pains;
-It has been shown to reduce pre-menstrual symptoms.

Femodette is a contraceptive pill, it will not protect you from contracting sexually transmitted infections. In order to protect yourself during intercourse, wearing a condom is an essential precaution. Femodette must be taken as instructed for it to be an effective pregnancy inhibitor.


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