Fast Aid Assorted Waterproof Plasters 24’s


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Fast Aid Waterproof Plasters are super strong and long lasting plasters with cushioning, absorbent wound pad for your comfort. Thin and flexible waterproof film on plaster forms a hygienic barrier to prevent bacteria and water. The highly breathable film promotes natural healing powers. Being strong, hypoallergenic adhesive, these plasters can be worn while bathing. The plasters are supplied in assorted tamper clear packs containing 24 individually wrapped and sterile plasters in four various sizes. The low allergic adhesive used in this aid is suitable for sensitive skin. Waterproof dressing strip helps to keeps the wound dry. Island dressing ensures that wound is sealed completely to keep clean. Absorbent medicated pad benefits in wound healing faster and gives cushioned protection.

Usage Directions:
Clean & dry wound thoroughly
Apply waterproof plaster
Plaster should be disposed once used

Side Effects and Precautions:
The plaster is suitable for all, in case the wound continues to bleed or becomes swollen, reddened or painful seek medical advice as soon as possible
Change plaster time-to-time, prolonged use of the same plaster should be avoided

Each Pack Contains: Case contains 24 plasters

Store the package at normal room temperature in cool and dry place
Keep the package away from pets


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