PromoPharma Dimagra Protein Neutral Sachets 10`s


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Dimagra protein is a dietary supplement containing isolated whey proteins, which contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

When to use it
Dimagra protein is ideal to restore body weight balance, increase and maintain muscle mass. The line consists of top nutritional quality supplements, practical to take and tasty.

How to use
The normal ordinary food ration can be integrated by taking 1 sachet a day, at breakfast or before main meals, in 200 cc of room temperature water.

What does it contain
Lipocomplex2 is an exclusive patent, specially designed to obtain maximum efficiency from the integration of whey protein and added free amino acids, with a high digestibility. The formulation is completed with Maltodextrins, CoQ10, Zinc and Vitamins B6.



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