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Cura-Heat Back & Shoulder Pain’s heat action lasts for 12 hours and once removed the pain relief can continue for a further 12 hours resulting in up to 24 hours pain relief. Simply open the sachet and apply to clothing/ underwear where the heat radiates through to the source of pain – decreasing stiffness, improving mobility and relaxing tense aching muscles. Non-medicinal, fragrance free and with a thin discreet design, Cura-Heat provides a convenient way to manage your back and shoulder pain. Cura-Heat Back & Shoulder Pain is available in 1/3/4 & 7 packs.

Suitable for

How to use
See product sachet for full safety and usage instructions.

Open the sachet by hand (do not cut) and remove the Cura-Heat pack
Peel away from the paper strip.
Adhere to clothing/underwear over the painful area
Cura-Heat warms up gradually and reaches maximum heat within approximately 30 minutes
Cura-Heat is air activated – do not open the sachet untill you are ready to use it.

Hazards and Cautions
If misused heat packs can cause burns even at low temperature.

Follow instructions and monitor frequently.

To prevent the risk of burns:


Allow air to circulate over the heat pack and do not apply pressure, for example by lying or sitting on the heat pack

If heat pack becomes uncomfortably hot remove immediately.

For example use only.

Each heat pack is single use.

Do not use Cura-Heat whilst sleeping

Do not use Cura-Heat in conjunction with other creams, rubs or lotions applied to the skin or with/ near to other heat sources.

If you have: rheumatoid arthritics; poor circulation; nerve damage; a skin condition; are diabetic or pregnant contact your doctor to make sure that heat therapy is appropriate for you

Do not use Cura Heat on children.

Store in a cool dry place avoiding direct sunlight.

Use by expiry date indicated at the top of the package.



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