Candid (Clotrimazole) Ear Drops 15ML


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Candid Ear Drops contain clotrimazole and lidocaine as active components. It belongs to different classes of medicines called antifungal and anaesthetics respectively. Candid Ear Drops is used in theĀ treatment of fungal infections in the ear and also helps in relieving pain that occurs due to infection. It is designed to be used only in the ears. It should be used exactly as recommended by your doctor. Before using Candid Ear Drops, please discuss with your doctor if you have any other ear conditions. You should not use this drop for a prolonged duration or more than the prescribed duration.

Ingredients and Benefits

  • Apply the drops as per the Candid Ear Drops dosage prescribed by the physician. You can take the skipped dose when you recollect it.
  • Do not overuse this medicine to compensate for the missed one.

Uses of Candid Ear Drops

  • Candid Ear Drops is indicated for the treatment of fungal infections that affect the ears (otomycosis). It also gives relief in pain associated with infection in the ears.

Side effects of Candid Ear Drops

  • Irritation, itching or burning sensation in the ear
  • Nausea
  • Difficulty in swallowing and breathing
  • Local allergic reaction like itching, swelling on the face


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