Calamine (Almus) Lotion 200ml


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Care Calamine Lotion is a soothing lotion that can help to ease and cool minor skin conditions. It helps to relieve itchy and sore skin, making it the perfect relief for conditions such as sunburn and chickenpox. Ideal for those looking for relief from itching and irritation.

What skin conditions can this product help me with?
Care Calamine Lotion can be used to cool and soothe many minor skin conditions, especially those that cause itching or hot skin. Some of the most common uses for this lotion

-Itching and other skin irritation
-Insect bites and stings
-Poison Ivy
-Other minor skin conditions

How will this product ease my irritated skin?
Care Calamine Lotion contains 2 active ingredients which work together to ease itching and irritation caused by minor skin conditions. These ingredients are calamine and zinc oxide, which give this lotion the mild astringent and antiseptic properties that help to soothe your irritated skin.



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