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Betadine’s mouthwash gives relief against sore throat. This mouthwash kills about 99.99% of a common cold like fungi, sore throat viruses, and bacteria.

Betadine mouth gargle for relief of sore throat 

This mouthwash is a fungicidal and virucidal formula that is quite effective against streptococcal organisms. It has also been found effective for the treatment of sore throat and streptococcal tonsillitis.

Mouthwash and gargle for different diseases 

This mouthwash has also been used for the treatment of different inflammatory conditions of the mouth and pharynx which include tonsillitis, stomatitis, common cold, pharyngitis, monilial infections, aphthous ulcers, and influenza.

Betadine mouthwash gargle for Oral hygiene 

The antiviral properties of Betadine mouthwash enable the application of oropharyngeal hygiene management in individuals with exposed respiratory viruses.

How to use betadine mouthwash gargle?

  1. It is recommended for local use only.
  2. It can be used as undiluted or diluted with 2 parts of water.
  3. To use it as prophylactic, this mouthwash should stay in the mouth for 30 seconds at least. You can repeat its use 4 times a day.
  4. For lesions in the mouth, rinse your mouth well with the solution for 2 minutes. You can use it 4 times a day after meals.
  5. It usually takes 14 days for the completion of treatment. If the problem persists even after using it for 2 to 5 days, consult your doctor for further instructions.
  6. It is not recommended to use for children under the age of 6 years.

Precautions while using betadine mouthwash gargle

  • This solution is based on Povidone-Iodine which should not cover large areas of skin (10% of body surface) for more than 14 days. After the completion of treatment, observe any early symptoms of hyperthyroidism to make sure and as a precaution, get your thyroid function checked.
  • Special care is needed when this solution is used on broken skin or for individuals with some renal insufficiency.
  • It is used as a mouthwash only. Discontinue its use if any local irritation occurs.
  • Keep it out of reach and use of children.


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