After Bite Classic 14ml


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After Bite Classic Handy Pen 14ml medicated solution relief’s bites from insects such as mosquitoes and stings from bees, jelly fish and nettles. Effective formula contains Ammonia and Mink Oil that are great ingredients to use for neutralisation as it can help to restrict itching and swelling. Irritant relief is easy to use as it has to be simply rubbed on the affected skin and relax as the itching and swelling instantly disappear. The powerful medicated medicine is highly effective formula of ammonia and mink oil is backed by efficacy studies.

  • After Bite contains ammonia, which provides relief of itching caused by insect bites
  • Fast relief contains a liquid emulsion formula containing Ammonia
  • Neutralise insect bites and stings from Mosquitos, Horseflies, Wasps, Bees and Jellyfish


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