Acriflex (Chlorhexidine Gluconate) 0.25% Cream 30g


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Product Description

Acriflex Cream is an antiseptic burns cream, formulated for the treatment of minor burns and scalds, scratches, cuts and abrasions, sunburn blisters and infected, cracked skin.

Antiseptic burns cream
Soothing and effective

Acriflex Cream contains active ingredient chlorhexidine gluconate, an antibacterial agent that is known to soothe and effectively treat minor burns and scalds. Chlorhexidine gluconate is known to induce hypersensitivity, including generalised allergic reactions and anaphylactic shock.
Minor burns can be caused by direct heat or by hot liquids or steam (scalds), while major burns are caused when the skin is damaged by a large amount of heat or prolonged amount of heat. A burn is classified as minor when it is smaller than a postage stamp and the skin remains unbroken. Minor burns can be very painful and the affected area is typically red in colour and hot to touch. Major burns range from red to black in colour and the skin may also be cracked, blistered and/or weeping.

Apply freely and smooth gently into the skin. For cuts, abrasions, burns – spread freely and, if necessary, cover with a dressing.

Chlorhexidine Gluconate. Arlatone 983 S, Cetostearyl Alcohol. Liquid Paraffin. Dimeticone 20. Glycerol. Quinoline Yellow Lake 250. Purified Water.


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