Vagisil Odour Shield Wash 250ML


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Deodorising protection for all-day confidence.

Helps prevent odour
With odour shield technology
Clinically tested
Gentle enough for daily use

The fact is, your intimate skin is delicate and sensitive and not all washes are made with your intimate skin in mind. All Vagisil Washes are especially designed for the unique needs of intimate skin, gynaecologist tested and gentle enough for daily use.

And unlike some other washes and soaps, Vagisil  Wash is infused with a patented Odour Shield technology for deodorising protection. It doesn’t just mask odour with a fragrance, it actually helps prevent odour.

Now you can feel protected and fresh all day long. Protection. Confidence. Only from Vagisil.

How to use
Pour into hand or flannel and apply. Lather thoroughly. Use it daily to feel fresh and confident.


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