Oilatum Plus Emollient 500ml


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Oilatum Plus Emollient Bath Oil 500ml. Oilatum bath oil is an emollient that can be used in the bath, as an alternative to soap and soap substitutes, to cleanse, soothe and protect dry skin. It is particularly suitable for skin conditions that are prone to flare ups and infection.

-Specially developed for the treatment of eczema at risk of infection
-Works against the bacteria which most commonly infect eczema
-Soothes itchy skin
-Use as a bath additive
-Emollient for the topical treatment of eczema
-Used for treating contact dermatitis, apotic dermatitis, senile pruritis, ichthyosis and similar dry skin conditions
-Soothes, softens and rehydrates skin and reduces irritation and itching


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