La Roche Lipikar Baume AP+ M 400ML


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Lipikar Baume AP is a commonly used cosmetic moisturizer. This moisturizer is recommended for extreme dryness and atopy-prone skin in babies, children and adults. It contains shea butter, paraffin, waxes and vegetable oils.

Atopic eczema and allergy-prone skin with extreme dryness.
Babies – Children – Adults

Lipikar Baume AP+ soothes extremely dry skin and alleviates itching immediately on application. It works to re-balance and protect the skin natural barriers, thus lastingly reducing recurrent flare-ups of severe dryness. Formulated for maximum tolerance, it can be used for the whole family, from babies to seniors, for improved quality of life. Tests show that regular application of LIPIKAR Baume AP+ lessens sleep disturbance for 81% of children with atopic eczema-prone skin*.

Tested on more than 700 subjects with dermatologists and paediatricians.


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