Gum Tone Gel 50gm


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GUM PROBLEMS are the cause of a whole host of Oral Hygiene problems and should be treated at source.

A powerful Ayurvedic formulation for the protection of your gums. GUM TONE is particularly useful in the treatment of bleeding and spongy gums. The herbal astringent and antiseptic to control gingivitis.

The regular use of Gum Tone Gel has been a boon to so many of our customers, so much so that Dentists have asked them what has caused the vast and noticeable improvement to the state of their gums.

Gum tone Gel is to be rubbed on the gums and teeth with soft hand (finger) or soft tooth brush and is to be left undisturbed for 5 to 10 minutes. Then rinse of the mouth with water. This procedure is to be performed twice daily.


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