Carmex Cherry Lip Balm 10g



Carmex lip balm comes packaged in a handy squeeze tube that is perfect to put in your handbag or pocket.
Cherry-flavored gel is made from natural ingredients to provide you with relief and comfort, as well as moisture.
Water-resistant Carmex lip balm lasts for up to 80 minutes and provides effective protection from the sun.
Carmex brand is best known for its stunning range of classic lip balms that are designed to treat chapped skin with smart ingredients.

  • Soothe and Protect your lips with this Cherry Balm
  • Carmex’s unique formula soothes, moisturizes, and relieves-resulting in soft, healthy-looking lips.
  • Long Lasting Relief for dry, Chapped Lips
  • Carmex lip balm is   squeezable tubes and sticks.
  • experience why this award-winning lip balm is a favorite of celebrities and make-up artists all over the world!


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