Scotts Emulsion Regular 200ml


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Scott’s Emulsion Regular contains cod liver oil, a rich natural source of Vitamin A and D together with Calcium Hypophosphite. Being in emulsion form, the Vitamins A and D in the cod liver oil are more easily absorbed


Children 1-3 years: Two (10ml) teaspoonful once a day. Vit A 68% RDA, Vit D 14% RDA. Children 4-6 years: One (15ml) tablespoon once a day. Vit A 85% RDA, Vit D 21.3% RDA. Children 7-12 years: One (15ml) tablespoon twice a day. Vit A 88.7% RDA, Vit D 170% RDA. Adults & Children over 12 years: One (15ml) tablespoonful three times a day. Vit A 102% RDA, Vit D 255% RDA


Recommended dosage should be followed. Excess of vitamin A& D could be harmful. This product should only be given to infants under one year and pregnant women on the advise of a doctor. Purchase only if cap is sealed.




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