Scotts Emulsion Orange 100ml


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Scott’s emulsion contains vitamin A and D and Calcium for physical growth ,healthy immune function and strong bones and teeth.
Vitamins A and D are essential for growth and development ,and support healthy immune function.
Strong bone and teeth are supported by calcium and Vitamin D for essential gr0wth and maintenance. Healthy vision is supported by Vitamin A.

Composition;-by % w/w cod liver oil 0.1, Vitamin A+D3 oily concentrate 0.008,Sucrose 20.0 , Fructose crystalline 14.0, Calcium hypophosphite 2.4, Orange juice 100-207 1.43 ,Keltrol 0.66,Citric acid (anhydrous) 0.44, Manucol ester 0.13, potassium sorbate 0.1,orange flavour 52.595/A 0.05,Sunset yellow FCF 0.008, purified water q.s

Dosage ;-1-3 years 5 ml a day, 4-8 years 15ml a day , above 9 year 15 ml thrice a day
Side effects; allergic reactions like rashes,nausea and vomiting.


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