Milton Sterilising Fluid 500ml



How does Milton Sterilising fluid work?
Milton sterilizing fluid is produced by Procter & Gamble for sterilization uses. It contains 1% sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) and 16.5% sodium chloride (NaCl; common salt). … This method of bottle sterilization is marketed as “The Milton Method”. A 1:20 solution is isotonic with body fluids.

Does Milton kill all germs?
When it comes into contact with protein, Milton Sterilising Fluid breaks down to just water and minute traces of salt. … Milton Solution is specially formulated to kill 99.9% of germs without the need of water, soap or a towel.

Is Milton good for cleaning?
Milton Antibacterial surface wipes: Safe to use on soothers and bottle teats, they are handy to clean and disinfect all surfaces in the home: high chair, TV remotes, cupboards, computer keyboards, etc. These are great for wiping down the sides in the kitchen. … Besides, it is easy to carry around outside the home.

Can you drink Milton water?
After removing from the Milton solution, bottles and teats can be drained and used immediately – no need to rinse. The WHO (World Health Organisation) considers that the acceptable level of chlorine for drinking water is at 5 mg/l that 0.5% of the solution.

Milton Disinfectant Fluid 5litre
MILTON contains sodium chloride and sodium hypochlorite, and kills almost all viruses, bacteria and fungi in 15 minutes. It is suitable for disinfecting bottles, plastic bedding and protective clothing, thermometers and bed-pans.


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