Infant-D (Vitamin D3 400IU) Capsules 30`s


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Infant-D is the Sunshine Vitamin for Babies. Infant-D is especially designed to deliver the correct dose of Vitamin D3 per capsule. Unlike many Vitamin D3 drops which utilise droppers, where the correct dose is hard to measure, Infant-D‘s twist-open capsule technology helps deliver a hygenic, safe and precise dose without any mess and is easy to carry.

Vitamin D deficiency should be considered in babies born to mothers at risk (women who are veiled, dark skinned, or have poor nutrition). Breastfed infants of dark skinned or veiled women (with unknown vitamin D status) should be supplemented with one capsule of Infant-D (400 IU Vitamin D3) per day for the first 12 months of life as there is inadequate vitamin D in breast milk.

Effect on Bone

  • Supports healthy bone growth, helps calcium absorption.

Possible Role in Allergy

  • Improving Vitamin D levels in early infancy may reduce the development of allergies in high-risk infants by inhibiting cytokine profiles associated with allergy.



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