Jamieson Prenatal Chewables Tablets 60`s



Jamieson 100% Complete Chewable Prenatal Multivitamin is the first chewable prenatal multivitamin in Canada that provides 100% or more of the vitamins recommended for pregnant women in just one pill per day! It is also enriched with iron, iodine, and folic acid to ensure expecting and nursing mothers are getting the essential nutrients they need for their baby’s overall health.

• Easy to take, delicious Cranberry Apple flavoured chewable tablet
• Contains essential Iodine and Iron
• Easy on the stomach
• Provides 100% or more of the daily vitamin recommendations for women providing pre and postnatal care
• Supports the normal growth and development of the baby

Gummy Prenatal Vitamins

These soft and chewable prenatal vitamins serve as a delicious treat that can help provide you with many of the nutrients you need during pregnancy. … However, most gummies usually lack two important nutrients – iron and calcium 

How early should I start taking Prenatals?
When do I need to start taking prenatal vitamins? Start taking folic acid at least 1 month before you start trying to get pregnant. The first few weeks of pregnancy are a really important time for fetal health and development. Taking folic acid and other prenatal vitamins can help reduce the risk of some birth defects.


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