Kedley Aero-Tech Neoprene Advanced Wrist Support One Size- Firm


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The Kedley one size aero-tech neoprene wrsit splint fits both left and right wrists of people of many body types and ages.

The aero-tech neoprene support offers a firm level of support designed for maximium comfort and stability to help recover from injury and prevent any further damage. Made from breathable neoprene to retain body heat around the joint and muscles to increase flexibility and stimulate blood flow.

A removeable malleable metal splint allows the brace to fit the specific needs of the user whilst providing rigid support.

Made from neoprene and lined with terry cotton for comfort and airflow. The edges are reinforced for extra product durability.

Recommended for: Repetitive strains, sprains and instability, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and tenosynovitis
• Hand Washable
• One Size
• Fits up to 26cm (Measure around the centre of the wrist)


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